Real estate is a great investment vehicle for securing and building wealth in the United States.  Throughout the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs exist fantastic opportunities for investors just like you, to profit in the current real estate climate! is dedicated to working with real estate investors that want to benefit from working with  licensed real estate brokers that have the training and ability to identify great investment opportunities that include:

  1. Properties that are currently under valued or distressed that once improved are sold for higher market rate.  These are more commonly referred to as “flips”.
  2. Buy and hold for rental purposes.  (Multi-unit and condo properties respectively.)
  3. List and sell current assets to real estate investors.

I.  Rehabs and Flips.

Rehab and property investing that is improved and resold at a higher price, also know as flipping (thank you HGTV), has been estimated by some sources to account for a third of the real estate market.  The right investment rehab can net you the investor, huge profits in a short amount of time.  However, it’s important to work with a licensed real estate broker that can help in identifying those opportunities.  To that end, has developed a 20 point metric system to identify properties that give our investment buyers the greatest opportunity to succeed!  These metrics are broken down by zipcode that include:

  1. The type of property  most eligible for a rehab.
  2. Shortest time frame on the market to sell.
  3. What features are most likely to expedite sale (very important!)
  4. Estimated construction cost for rehab before purchase.
  5. Access to funding for decided upon real estate investments. *

II.  Rentals.

Rental income is a great passive investment that savvy investors are flocking too.  The ability to generate a predictable income while holding on to the underlying assets, is appealing to many investors.  There are fantastic opportunities throughout various neighborhoods that are waiting for investors!  Great capitalization rates of 8% to 15% can be found when working with a licensed broker from  A good rental should allow the landlord:

  1. A good capitalization rate of 5% to 10%
  2. A mix of various unit sizes (if applicable)
  3. Low initial and future maintenance cost and expenditures.
  4. The ability to liquidate the asset quickly (if applicable).
  5. Profit at a predictable ROI and time frame.

Other technical applications may apply,  so it is important to work with a licensed broker to fully vet any potential rental opportunities.  Financing for multi-unit and condominium rentals may be available and should be investigated that fit your real estate investment needs.**

III.  Listing Assets.

Listing and selling assets can be a time consuming and lengthy process.  Many brokers simply list the asset on the MLS and wait for buyer inquiries.  At, assets  are not only listed on the MLS,  but are actively marketed to potential real estate investors!  Listing your investment property with a licensed broker associated with insures:

  1. Accurate listing on the MLS
  2. Aggressive marketing of assets to real estate investors.
  3. A brokers opinion on the assets to be listed at no cost.

The time to act is now.  Take a moment to fill out the RFS-Contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.  Usually within 24- hours.