First Time Home Buyer.

First time Home Buyers.

Now is a perfect time to own a home, condo or multi-unit building.  With the average rental price of a two bedroom in the Chicago land area and surrounding suburbs  approaching over $1600 per month, owning the place you live just makes sense.  If you’ve considered buying, but just aren’t prepared to handle the situation alone, understands and has launched it’s new first home buying program for 2018!  This program is designed to help first-time home buyers:

  1. Find the home,condo or multi-unit building they want.
  2. Connect you with  loan consultants that specialize in working with first time home buyers unique situation.
  3. Working hand in hand with a licensed real estate broker through the entire process.
  4. No upfront buyer cost.
  5. Solid industry professionals that will do everything to get you a home that you qualify for and want!

Questions about financing

The brokers that work with do not provide financing directly but work with professional loan consultants that stand ready to get you financed, unique to your situation!  Please fill out the first time home buyer leaflet below and a licensed real estate broker will get back in touch with you shortly.